Peer education workshop on hate speech and gender equality

This school year again Savremena has been open for peer education activities. We continue to collaborate with organisations that work with the young, offering them new experience and knowledge. CEPORA – The Centre for positive development of children and youth and the Belgrade Office for youth have organised peer education workshops.

The topics discussed with the secondary school students were: You either drive or drink, Say NO to the hate speech and Gender equality.

CEPORA organised training sessions for peer educators. Our students who have attended all the educational sessions and has become a peer educator herself for the above mentioned subjects is Nikolina Jovanović.

Fighting stereotypes and prejudices, developing critical thinking

The class I-5 students took part in the workshop Gender equality in which they could learn about prejudices that exist in the media regarding women and men. Another class, I-3 students participated in the workshop Say NO to hate speech and they discussed ways to fight stereotypes, to think critically and to see the world in a more amicable way.

The students of III-2 took part in the workshop You either drive or drink, when they had the opportunity to learn about all kinds of risks incurred by irresponsible driving.

We look forward to new opportunities when our students will have the chance to share new ideas and experiences among themselves.

I am extremely pleased and proud to be the parent of a Savremena student. During my first encounter with the school management, when I asked about my child’s potential enrolment, I saw how much love, enthusiasm and professionalism you put in your work. I was impressed by your approach, ideas and methods. I couldn’t believe something like this existed in our country! It doesn’t take long to realise that this is a school you would recommend to everyone. Creativity, modern technology, top-quality education, and most of all, the humaneness that can be seen throughout the school, make it truly different and worthy of its name – Savremena Gimnazija. With such an approach, the success of this school and, consequently, our children’s success, is unavoidable. Congratulations! Jelena Đorđević, Andrija’s mum
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