International School is a UCAS registered centre


UCAS registrovani centarThe path to British universities is now even clearer for International School students.

Namely, International School is now a UCAS registered centre, which will help them reach the prestigious universities in Great Britain, thanks to the numerous benefits of this membership.

What is UCAS (The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service)?

The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is an organisation based in Great Britain whose main role is providing assistance with applying to British universities. It provides future students, their parents and their schools with assistance regarding applications, free information and advice, aiming for maximum facilitation of the application process, including solving any problems the potential applicants may face.

Since International School has become a UCAS registered centre, its last-year students who would like to continue their education in Great Britain can go through the application process much more easily.

How to apply through UCAS registration centre

As most universities in Britain use the UCAS service, the students who would like to study at Britain’s institutions must apply through a UCAS registration centre, and International School students are now able to do it directly within their own school.

To facilitate the admissions process, UCAS has published a number of articles and videos that clarify the entire process in a quite simple way at its website.

View one and learn what the UCAS application process entails:

When it comes to evaluating applications, the following is taken into account: qualifications; the content and the quality of the cover letter revealing the reasons for the student’s interest in the field; the quality and the content of the references; knowledge and dedication; the quality of writing and the level of articulation, so the application process for these universities might not be as simple as it appears. But for International School students, it is as simple as it gets – because the school, as a registered centre, has provided all the important information in one place.

International School is the right path to Britain’s universities

As a UCAS registered centre, International School helps students successfully complete the entire application process and has unique access to the students’ applications during the process itself.

This way, the students will regularly receive reminders for amending their applications, along with suggestions regarding the best possible ways to make them. Monthly email updates on the application process are another benefit. International School receives this information directly from UCAS, so all the information is 100% reliable.

UCAS registered center

International School will be there for its students even when the application process is over. As a UCAS registered centre, International School will be there to oversee the entire process – from the submission of the student’s application to its acceptance by a higher education institution in Great Britain. This way, International School can see where the application is at all times, whether a school has responded, and finally – if the student has been accepted.

What does this membership mean for International School students?

UCAS provides the best possible information to keep the students informed when it comes to the possibilities of studying in Great Britain. The applicants can see how to shape their letters of motivation and what information to include; they will receive updates on dates and other information regarding application to British faculties; information based on their interests when it comes to study fields and interests will be delivered to their school email address.  

International School is also the place to turn to for any questions concerning enrolment. Should International School be unable to provide immediate assistance, someone from UCAS will step in and provide the school with adequate information.

Information on studies important for parents, too

When their child is attending a school which is a registered UCAS centre, it is quite easy for the parents to get involved it the preparation process.

To support the future students the best they can, the parents can count on a wide range of information. Of course, International School professionals are always there to help the parents based on their expert understanding of the students’ talents and achievements.

Throughout the year, the parents receive a monthly newsletter with the latest information and updates on the application process, while using the online assistance tools they can see how studies and university life can be financed, learn about the proper steps in the application process, see whether a university has open days, and much more.

Cambridge students greatly successful at UK universities

Research conducted by UCAS has revealed that Cambridge International A Level students have a 95% sucess rate when it comes to higher education enrolment. The number of accepted students between 2014 and 2017 was as many as 67,700.

The study has shown that as much as 62% of them were accepted into elite institutions such as Cambridge, Oxford, Edinburgh, Durham and London School of Economics. These numbers are quite extraordinary, considering that only 28% of all applicants get accepted into these prestigious institutions.

The research has also revealed that the number of Cambridge students accepted into universities in Great Britain has doubled – just like the number of International School students who would like to continue their education there.

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