The incomparably modern Cambridge secondary school is awarding an incentive for the best


Notable achievements in science, sports or art? Want to enrol into a school where you can receive a high-quality education preparing you for your future academic pursuits at any university in the world? Apply for Savremena’s incentives for the best to receive a free, unmatched learning experience at our incomparably modern Cambridge secondary school!


All the motivated, hard-working brainiacs, whizz kids, successful athletes, eccentric artists and straight-A students who apply by 15 June will have the opportunity to receive one of the five incentives for the best awarded by Savremena Gimnazija that will cover up to 10% and up to 100% of the tuition fees. This is a unique opportunity for all those who wish to become part of the successful Cambridge generation.

An opportunity for all: Become a part of the elite distingushed by its knowlegde

We strongly believe that hard work and success should be rewarded appropriately and that they should not depend on the financial power of one’s parents.

That is why at Savremena Gimnazija, we strive to create a true elite of students who are talented, well-educated and hard-working young intellectuals who will one day become true leaders distinguished by their high-quality education, work and ambition.

This is why we, at Savremena Gimnazija, have designed 6 different incentives for the best students in their final year at primary school as well as those already attending our school who have not only made outstanding achievements in different fields including science, sports and art, but who also continue to work hard, improve themselves and achieve even better results. We have found a way to reward our whizz kids.

Necessary steps

1. Fill in an incentive for the best application form.

2. Upon submitting your application, Savremena's enrolment coordinator will contact you to discuss the details of the application process.

3. Two weeks after the submission deadline you will receive the results of the selection process.

The rules for granting incentives for the best

  • The competition in which we award the best students takes place each May for the following school year.
  • To enter the competition, a person must submit the documentation listed in the Competition for Exercising the Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction, published duly on the school website.
  • The application deadline is 15 June of the current year.
  • Based on a full documentation submitted in a timely manner, and according to the criteria set by the Competition for Exercising the Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction, the school shall select the candidates in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Regulations Regarding the Manner and Procedure for Applying and Exercising the Students’ Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction and the Competition for Exercising the Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction.
  • The amount of the reduction is set by the Competition for Exercising the Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction, published duly on the school website.
  • Savremena is not obliged to provide the students who have not received an incentive for the best with an explanation as to the reason why they have not been selected.
  • The criteria for the students who have exercised the right to a tuition fee reduction in the previous school year, and wish to retain the right to a tuition fee reduction are prescribed by the Competition for Exercising the Right to a Tuition Fee Reduction, published duly on the school website.

Different incentives for the best for students with different talents

Don’t miss this opportunity to apply by 15 June for International School Savremena’s incentives for the best to receive the best education you can imagine, free of charge or at half the price. The value of it is of course priceless.


Intended for talented students who have achieved excellent results at national and international competitions and championships.


Intended for young people who are fluent in English and wish to continue their education in the Cambride International Programme.


For all our young athletes who have achieved notable results in individual or team sports.


Intended for exceptionally gifted young artists who have demonstrated their talents in music, painting, acting or any other art form.


Intended for hard working students who will graduate from primary school with an Exceptional Performance Certificate.


Why is Savremena Gimnazija the best choice?

Savremena Gimnazija works in accordance with the Cambridge curriculum, which meets the highest education-quality standards; upon completion of their secondary education, students can acquire the world renowned Cambridge diplomas.

The teaching is supported by the latest technologies, such as tablets and iPads, interactive whiteboards and tables, an e-diary and the unique eLearning platform, 3D printers, 3D pens and 3D scanners, all implemented within the especially designed environment: Intelligent Classroom and Google Technology Classroom.

Teaching is interactive, creative and fun, because Savremena ’s teachers, all notable experts at what they do, continually come up with new, different modes of knowledge transfer, and the knowledge the students adopt is practical and applicable.

Because of all this, the value that an incentive for the best from Savremena brings is practically inestimable.


Savremena gimnazija

Enrolment for 2024/25 is underway!

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I am extremely pleased and proud to be the parent of a Savremena student. During my first encounter with the school management, when I asked about my child’s potential enrolment, I saw how much love, enthusiasm and professionalism you put in your work. I was impressed by your approach, ideas and methods. I couldn’t believe something like this existed in our country! It doesn’t take long to realise that this is a school you would recommend to everyone. Creativity, modern technology, top-quality education, and most of all, the humaneness that can be seen throughout the school, make it truly different and worthy of its name – Savremena Gimnazija. With such an approach, the success of this school and, consequently, our children’s success, is unavoidable. Congratulations! Jelena Đorđević, Andrija’s mum
Contemporary in any sense of the word, our school offers functional knowledge and quality preparation for tertiary education in Serbia and abroad. Implementing modern and creative teaching in the classroom, where the teachers’ pedagogy and students’ performance are aligned with the highest academic standards for the high-school finals, our school develops linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and ICT competence, which is a prerequisite for further education and professional development. Teaching is supported by the interactive whiteboards and educational software, whereas practice exercises research and critical thinking.