State of the art multimedia studio for Savremena’s students


Helping students develop their talent at school

Savremena Gimnazija helps its students develop their musical talent, which is why it has provided them with a state-of-the-art multimedia studio equipped with top-quality musical instruments and devices. At the studio, the students develop not only their musical talent, but have the opportunity to master the basics of production using cutting-edge technology.

State of the art multimedia studio

The multimedia studio, located in Savremena’s premises at Belgrade Palace, comprises a professionally equipped live room and control room. Excellent soundproofing does not affect the lessons, and gives our young artists the freedom to devote any spare moment to singing, playing, composing and enjoying their talent.

Professional equipment for their endless talent and creativity

The multimedia studio at Belgrade Palace was designed to help the students express their musicality; to develop, enhance, and in some cases, discover their talent for music. Together with the teachers and the school band manager, they can create and explore their musical ability on a daily basis, and learn whether this art form suits them. And music is always accompanied by laughter and a good time.

Place where magic happens

Although equipped with excellent soundproofing, Savremena’s multimedia studio is isolated, so as not to disturb the school curriculum. The largest room in Savremena’s multimedia studio is the live room, located in the right part of the studio, in which the creative process begins. The walls of the live room, which can accommodate as many as 20 people, are lined with foam pyramid tiles and isolated with mineral wool and plasterboard partition walls, which prevent sound reflection inside or outside the walls, providing excellent acoustic conditions necessary to create top-quality sound.

This is the room where the performers (the players and vocalists) spend most of their time, as it contains the full setup comprising a Yamaha keyboardan acoustic drum kitelectric guitars, a Marshall guitar ampthe PA system, and dynamic and instrument condenser mics among which is the Neumann U87ai, an integral part of any prestigious recording studio.

The audience is always welcome

Right in front of the stage where Savremena’s students practice is the space where audience members can sit and enjoy the music of the young and talented students. Among the first fans to attend the rehearsals of Savremena’s students were the teachers, who testified to the quality of both Savremena’s multimedia studio and the talent fostered by Savremena’s students.

The stage on which the students shine

In addition to dress rehearsals, the stage is used for the students’ unforgettable performances for visitors outside Savremena. Anyone can enjoy their singing, acting and dancing abilities, and the school duly notifies the audience about the repertoire performed at the stage of Savremena’s multimedia studio.

The place where the students’ first hit was born

The multimedia studio has already produced one of the first music projects – the New Year’s song by the students of Savremena Gimnazija, who were the first to test its quality.

Listen to the first hit created in the studio:

Control room for final touches and full experience

Through the glass of the soundproof live room one can see the second part of the futuristic multimedia studio – the control room. Once the vocals or instrumental parts have been recorded in the live room, the recording is then mixed in the control room, where the sound levels of the instruments and effects are adjusted. This is followed by the mastering process, which gives colour to the song and fullness to the tones.

Here the students become familiar with the analogue equipment used for creating songs, and learn the basics of music production, with help from their manager. Once the vocals and the instrumental parts have been recorded, the recordings are then processed in the control room using the Tascam DM-4800 mixing console, equipped with a range of equalisers and compressors, making it one of the most sought-after mixers in the world of music. The students use it to create a new signal mix, and through the UAD LA-2A and UAD 1176LN compressors, they create music without any noise.

Take a look at the first video by the school band Gimnazijalci, made in Savremena’s multimedia studio:

A special feature in the control room is the SPL Iron mastering compressor, which creates a pleasant, melodic compression while perfectly adapting to Savremena’s conditions.

The equipment in the control room of Savremena’s multimedia studio enables the students to learn all the steps required to make a top-quality musical piece.

Masters of Sound – a club for sound aficionados

Savremena is home to many students who pursue music through singing, playing and dancing. Although not obliged to provide its students with a multimedia studio equipped with cutting-edge musical instruments and devices (music clubs are additional, extracurricular activities), by creating this musical nook, Savremena has proved that it truly cares about the talents and aspirations of its students, and strives to provide them with even more encouragement and guidance.

Uros Krstović

This kind of approach, whereby music is explained from scratch, helps the students understand its essence and enables them to surrender to its magic. – Uroš Krstović, school band manager

Hence the Masters of Sound club, where Savremena’s students learn the basics of music production and test their music talent in Savremena’s multimedia studio at Belgrade Palace, in which they have the best conditions resembling those in the leading recording studios around the world.

At the club, with assistance from the school band manager, Savremena’s students learn how to play musical instruments, experiment with sound and develop their production and recording skills.

A place for friendship and entertainment

However, the students spend time at Savremena’s multimedia studio even outside the Masters of Sound club. It has become their second home, even after the lessons are over.

“The studio is not just for students of Savremena. We often welcome the students of Savremena Gimnazija, who gladly come after lessons to work on projects with us”, says Vojin Trivanović, a student of Savremena who, in his own words, prefers to spend time at the studio. The students’ impressions are, after all, the best confirmation of quality.


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