What do Savremena Gimnazija students and their parents say?

“Savremena’s students know that their every effort, diligence and dedication will be appreciated”

Aleksandar Zaplatić maturant Savrmene

The ability to make your subjects interesting and accessible, possessed by each and every one of you, is, in my opinion, the reflection of your expertise and your wide-ranging general knowledge. These are the very qualities that this school develops in its students, teaching them to approach global concepts analytically, insisting that they feel free to present their own opinions and that they adopt the hard facts with an interest in their practical use.

The students at your/our school know that their every effort, diligence and dedication will be appreciated; from all of you, they expect and receive strict and just evaluation, and gain the experience that any mistake can be corrected.

Savremena provides the freedom of thought to its students, participates in their coming of age, adjusting its criteria, making each subject an obligation that is free of any sense of undue pressure.

“Savremena supports its students and cares about their development and growth”

Desa Milutinović majka učenika Nikole MilutinovićaSimply put, Savremena supports its students, and that’s very important. Everything that is stated in the contract is true in practice; the school fulfilled all its promises. My son literally became a grown-up, mature person at Savremena.

His sentences and his entire behaviour went through a palpable transformation between 2015 and 2019, largely due to the discussions and debates held in class. He is fully entitled to his own opinion and the school is very clear about that, and he has made full use of this clarity.

Desa Đorđević Milutinović, Nikola’s mum


2019: “Thank you for helping us with the process of building our characters, shaping us into leaders, responsible and gracious human beings”

Savremena maturantkinja Una GrzunovDear Savremena,

You gave me the courage to dream grand, you gave me the opportunities to challenge myself, you supported my ideas and ambitions and gave me the motivation to have them in the first place.

You had patience for my introspection and taught me that it’s okay to get lost only to find yourself again, that it’s okay to stumble upon a setback only to learn how to conquer it and still come out of the experience as a wiser, stronger, albeit, albeit unpretentious person. You understood me and gave me countless opportunities to express myself, whether that was through my rhetoric competitions, my art, writing, acting, debating, or simply just being.

So thank you. You made me realise that it’s okay to think outside of the already existing pattern, you thought me to live by one of my favourite quotes – “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for,” and for that I will be forever grateful. I think I’m saying this in the name of every student and past student of this school: thank you for helping us with the process of building our characters, preparing us for our upcoming life battles and shaping us into leaders, strong individuals and most importantly, responsible and gracious human beings.

 Una Grzunov, Savremena Gimnazija graduate 

2015: Savremena - the only school that is like US schools

When I walk into Savremena, I feel like I’ve walked into a school in the US. I lived there for a long time and the fact that I will be able to continue my studies there once I graduate from Savremena is one of the main reasons why I opted for this school.

What drew me the most is the fact that it is the only school of its kind, not only in Serbia but in the region as well. Everyone is very nice and helpful, the overall atmosphere is lovely and the degree of commitment teachers and administrators show to their students is obvious immediately.

My peers tend to think of school as a prison, but Savremena could not be further from that. I’m sure that we will all truly enjoy our time here.

Una Grzunov, student at Savremena Gimnazija


In all honesty, I am beyond impressed with Savremena Gimnazija.

TatjanaengSavremena Gimnazija offers everything a caring parent would want for their child. This school is an ideal choice because it will prepare my son for the future and enable him to continue his studies abroad in the best possible way. The fact that he is able to improve his English skills is just superb.

Savremena Gimnazija is unlike any other school. It has met all of my expectations and hopes of my son receiving a truly high-quality education. He is especially excited about what the Cambridge programme offers and it will be great for his future. In all honesty, I am beyond impressed with Savremena International School.

Tatjana Kavazović, Andrija’s mom


At Savremena Gimnazija, everyone is supportive of my sporting activities.

At Savremena Gimnazija, everyone is supportive of my sporting activities.
Savremena Gimnazija supports us in all our extracurricular activities, whether we are interested in art, dancing, sports, etc. I am a competitive swimmer so it’s very important for me to have teachers who understand that kind of regimen and help me reach my full potential instead of making sports interfere with my education or the other way around.

The second you walk into Savremena Gimnazija, you immediately sense the different atmosphere and approach; a teacher is so much more than just an educator - they are mentors who know, understand and support us in every possible way. What I like the most about this school is the fact that everything is done in a different and interesting way. It’s like we’re in a film, but learning.

Tara Ćulibrk, student at Savremena Gimnazija


This is the best school that I know of.

I was amazed to find out that the student-teacher dynamic is very different from what we are used to. Teachers are truly committed to their students. As an athlete, I think it’s very important that this school promotes various extracurricular activities and that it nurtures the interests of every single student.

This is the best school that I know of and I am quite thrilled. The new technologies used at Savremena Gimnazija are extremely useful as they offer a new and improved way of learning.

I also like the fact that my peers are a versatile group. Everyone has different interests and activities that they pursue and I like that a lot.

Mateja Petrović, student at Savremena Gimnazija


Individual approach to each child

JasminaengWhat I really like about Savremena Gimnazija is the individual approach to each student and that, through practical exercises and conversations, mentors truly get to know their students. At this school, teachers carefully nurture the interests of each student and guide them towards achieving the task at hand, making sure it is always done in a way that suits the student’s interests and characteristics.

I expect Savremena Gimnazija to open my son’s mind to new perspectives and broaden his horizons. I expect him to find his path on his own in higher education. The knowledge offered at Savremena Gimnazija is highly practical and when implemented, it is sure to make my son’s life, further education and work much easier.

Jasmina Gredelj, Mateja’s mom 

I am proud to be a part of Savremena Gimnazija.

I believe that Savremena Gimnazija is truly different. I will go to school with a smile on my face, aiming to learn as much as I can, knowing that I am not there to simply be quizzed, reminded of or reprimanded for my shortcomings, but to improve.

A major advantage for me is the possibility of following the learning materials online, which is especially handy since I will occasionally have to miss some lessons due to sports - golf, to be precise. It will be an interesting experience.

I like the way the classrooms are set up and the fact that the school implements new technologies in its teaching methods. I am proud to be a part of Savremena International School.

Andrija Đorđević, student at Savremena Gimnazija



Savremena Gimnazija makes it easier for them to enrol at a university abroad. 

MilicaengSavremena Gimnazija offers a programme that is perfect for students like my daughter, who has received the majority of her education abroad, with only two years spent at a Serbian primary school following a system to which she simply could not adapt. The reason we chose the Cambridge programme is because of the English-mediated lessons which will prepare her to enrol into universities abroad.

This school enables students for a seamless transition into the final year at a secondary school in the US, most of which follow a curriculum that is just like the one at Savremena. From its classrooms to its teaching approach and its individual mentoring, Savremena Gimnazija is modern in every way. I believe that the Cambridge programme offers our children something that other secondary schools cannot.

Milica Prvulj, Miona’s mom

Savremena Gimnazija is the right school for me. 

When my family and I were considering the various options, we realised that Savremena Gimnazija is the best school for me. What I like the most about it is that for some of my subjects the language of instruction is English, which will enable me to refine my language skills.

I really like the way the system is set up here - after lessons, students can stay at school and do their homework or attend study sessions with their teachers, which is something that my peers and I greatly appreciate. Another advantage is the fact that Savremena doesn’t use conventional blackboards, but interactive whiteboards, tablets and laptops as learning aids. It’s not called Savremena - which means modern in Serbian - for nothing.

Andrija Džambazović, student at Savremena Gimnazija

Everything is innovative and student-centred.

I prefer Savremena over other schools because of its unique teaching approach and because the Cambridge programme enables me to continue my studies abroad.

Everything is innovative and modern and the latest educational trends are implemented.

The education at Savremena is more practical than at other schools and the teaching methods are different, more relatable and readily available.

The atmosphere is very pleasant and classes are student-centred.

Marija Matejić, student at Savremena Gimnazija

The only school of its kind in Serbia

I decided to enrol into Savremena Gimnazija because I liked the programme they offer, its interior and surroundings, as well as their teachers.

The teaching is unlike anything offered at other schools in Serbia; it is at a completely different level.

I believe that Savremena is the only school of its kind, not only in Belgrade but in Serbia as well.

The scale on which they implement new technologies is simply beyond compare and teachers are fully committed to their students.

Viktor Tomanoski, student at Savremena Gimnazija



Savremena International School is everything I wanted for my child.

DraganaengSavremena Gimnazija is something that I always wanted for my child - a school where everything would be something new, different, innovative. A major advantage of this school is its bilingual Cambridge programme that prepares students for studies not only in Europe but across the world, which has been a dream shared by our family for quite some time.

I believe that Savremena International School truly listens to the needs of its students, recognises the demands of society, knows how to plant the seeds of knowledge into each student by using modern technologies and visual presentations, thus making sure that that knowledge is retained and applied in the long run.

Also, each student has the opportunity to raise any questions or concerns they may be having and receive an answer without delay.

Dragana Matejić,  Marija’s mom

Savremena International School truly keeps up with the times

StefanGrzunovThe main reason why I decided to enrol into Savremena International School was because it enabled me to study only the subjects that interest me, unlike other schools in the region where students do not have the same kind of freedom.The cheerfulness and kindness of Savremena’s teachers and staff as well as their readiness to assist students also helped to draw me in.

In addition, what makes Savremena truly stand out is the fact that it keeps up with the times - which is essential for the future sucess and development of its students.

Since I am currently a DL student, the Cambridge Advantage Programme enables me to keep up with my classes and complete tests online with the help of the Distance Learning platform. I can’t wait to join my peers and start attending classes in person.

All in all, I am quite pleased with this form of education and the school itself and I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Stefan Grzunov, student at Savremena International School 


Aleksa2Teaching at Savremena International School is creative.

Savremena International School, as the name suggests, follows a modern curriculum. I also like the specific approach to athletes who, like me, oftentimes have to miss classes due to tournaments - in my case water polo.

I’m delighted to see that Savremena uses tablets and laptops in teaching and I look forward to receiving a comprehensive education in a creative and interesting way.

Aleksa Cvetković, student at Savremena International School 

I am thrilled to be able to speak English at school.

I like the fact that at my programme - the Cambridge programme - all lessons are in English; it will be much easier for me, because I lived in the US for a long time. English is my first language, so the fact that I can speak English all the time at school is amazing; I am thrilled.

I believe that Savremena International School is the right school for me because it clears the path towards a brighter future; we can learn things we would not learn at other schools.

I also like the fact that we use computers, like we did in the US. Once I graduate, I will be able to attend one of the better universities and will also have more job opportunities due to my education.

Miona Tofilovski, student at Savremena International School 


I’m overjoyed about being a student at Savremena International School.

What immediately drew me to Savremena International School was the possibility of attending English-mediated lessons, which will ultimately enable me to continue my studies at a university abroad.

With that in mind, I opted for the Cambridge programme, with the aim of perfecting my language skills.

Not even in my wildest dreams did I imagine that such a school exists in Serbia; I am overjoyed about being a student at such a school.

Jovan Popović, student at Savremena International School 



Our children’s success is certain. 

I am truly thrilled and proud to be a parent of a student at Savremena International School. The first time I met with the school’s administrators to inquire about the admissions procedures, I recognised the sheer love, enthusiasm and professionalism they have for their work. I was impressed with their approach, their ideas and the way they work. So, such a thing does exist in our country, too!

It does not take long to realise that this is exactly the kind of school you would want for every child. Creativity, modern technologies, high-quality education and, above all, a benevolent atmosphere are the things that make Savremena different. With such approach, the success of this school and our children is certain. Well done!

Jelena Đorđević, Andrija’s mum

I attend Savremena’s lessons from abroad.

NikolaGrzunovWhat I like about Savremena International School is the fact that it enables me to develop my knowledge and skills in the subjects that interest me. This unique system gives me the freedom to select the subjects I wish to pursue, unlike other schools which have a pre-determined list of subject for all students.

In addition, I like that our teachers are always happy to help and assist us with whatever we may need.

Savremena International School is unique because the education it offers is truly modern. The Cambridge Advantage Programme enables me to attend lessons from Budapest and keep up with my peers and academic obligations by following the recorded lessons. Learning has become much easier and much more fun through the use of tablets, interactive whiteboards, recorded lessons etc.

Nikola Grzunov, student at Savremena International School

Savremena International School is great and I would recommend it to everyone!

Savremena International School is great! I would highly recommend it because it is centred around a great concept, it includes various activities and helps students develop their personalities, find themselves and pursue their interests. My son is currently attending Year 10 at Savremena International School and I think that at his age, children are not yet fully aware of all the advantages they get to enjoy.

I am sure that in the coming few years, the true values of students will come to light and that they will make use of all of the benefits and opportunities the school offers them. My daughter, however, is currently a Year 13 student at a different secondary school and she is more than aware of all the advantages Savremena provides for its students. That’s why she wishes that she too had the chance to enrol into Savremena and experience all the benefits first hand.

It is great that Savremena has a well thought out programme that enables students to rely on themselves, their resourcefulness and their talents as well as their teachers and mentors. I am confident that in Years 12 and 13 Savremena will become an essential part of the students’ lives, one they will not wish to part with. I wish Savremena International School all the best, and above all many brilliant, kind, hard-working and happy students and teachers. May all your dreams and goals come true in the period to come, which I am sure they will since it has all been coming together perfectly thus far.

Desa Đorđević – Milutinović, Nikola’s mum

Impressions that graduate Aleksandar Zaplatić’s mother shared with Savremena

International School Savremena graduate Nikola Milutinović’s mother’s impressions

In addition to these impressions, what Nikola's mother thinks about our school is best expressed through the New Year's card which is also the best gift our school could receive. Take a look at her answer to the question that is on every parent's mind.

Savremena gimnazija

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I am extremely pleased and proud to be the parent of a Savremena student. During my first encounter with the school management, when I asked about my child’s potential enrolment, I saw how much love, enthusiasm and professionalism you put in your work. I was impressed by your approach, ideas and methods. I couldn’t believe something like this existed in our country! It doesn’t take long to realise that this is a school you would recommend to everyone. Creativity, modern technology, top-quality education, and most of all, the humaneness that can be seen throughout the school, make it truly different and worthy of its name – Savremena Gimnazija. With such an approach, the success of this school and, consequently, our children’s success, is unavoidable. Congratulations! Jelena Đorđević, Andrija’s mum
Contemporary in any sense of the word, our school offers functional knowledge and quality preparation for tertiary education in Serbia and abroad. Implementing modern and creative teaching in the classroom, where the teachers’ pedagogy and students’ performance are aligned with the highest academic standards for the high-school finals, our school develops linguistic, mathematical, scientific, artistic, cultural, technical and ICT competence, which is a prerequisite for further education and professional development. Teaching is supported by the interactive whiteboards and educational software, whereas practice exercises research and critical thinking.