How understanding probability makes life easier

One of the most interesting mathematics lessons was dedicated to further probability and its application in real life. Students were interested in learning how they can use probability in everyday activities. Since they had already been introduced to basic probabilities, they started practising using some problems involving more than one event and came to the part where the events are dependable (the outcome of one event influencing the outcome of another.)

The students were anxious to come to the part where they would need to find a use for probability of dependable events. Since the teacher knew that students would have some card game in mind, he had prepared a few online simulations for some card games and let students choose one of those. Then he divided the students into groups and let them practise calculating the probability of the outcome that was favourable to them at certain points of the game.

For instance, the boys mainly chose poker, and teacher Nemanja Đokovic opened them the simulation where they could play against each other, but every player could see all the cards, so there were no unknown values, and the calculation of probability could be very precise and accurate.

The girls were mainly interested in some other kinds of games, but they also found a very good way to apply the probability and to calculate the possible outcomes accurately.

Students were amazed at the number of times the prediction and calculations for the probability of some outcomes in their games were correct and helped them to actually win the game.



Presentations and online tests for creative learning

Kreativni_casovi_matematikaAn essential part of each maths lesson at Savremena International School are the presentations rich with examples as well as the use of additional software for learning and practicing mathematics. Students have, among many other online programmes, used this one to draw functions.

In completing their homework assignments, students make use of various online tools especially the Nearpod application through which they can keep track of their results and their mistakes in order not to repeat them in the future.

Even tests and knowledge assessments are done online so that classes are made as comfortable as possible. With the help of ambient music and adjusted lighting the students are made to feel at home.

One of the tasks students were given was to design a mathematical comic strip and through it present what they had learned in class in a creative and innovative way. It’s classes like these that help overcome the stereotype where mathematics is seen as a dry and difficult subject and students truly experience the joys of learning it.

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