According to Article 41 and 57 paragraph 1 of The Law on the Foundations of the Education System (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 72/2009, 52/2011, 55/2013, 35/2015 - authentic interpretation and 68/2015) and Article 54 of the Statute of Savremena International School, at the assembly held on 22nd June 2016, the School Board agreed to issue the following:


I General provisions


Plagiarism is the use of words, thoughts, and viewpoints from a text written by an author in their own text, but without the use of citation marks or the name of the author. Plagiarism represents improper citation where the name of the authentic author of words or ideas is either disregarded or hidden.


The original work is a unique immaterial creation of an author, expressed through a certain form regardless of its artistic, scientific or some other value, its purpose, magnitude, content and manner of expression, as well as the permissibility of communicating its contents publically.


Copyright is an exclusive right of authors:

  • to have their authority recognised over their work;
  • to have their name, pseudonym or sign specified on each copy of the work, i.e. specified in all instances of communicating the work publicly, except when this is technically not possible or unfeasible;
  • to publish their work and determine the way their work is to be published;
  • to protect the integrity of their work;
  • to oppose the exploitation of their work in a manner that may pose a threat to their honour or reputation;
  • to economically utilise their work, as well as works that were created as remakes of their work;
  • to forbid or allow other parties to make notes or copies of their complete work or any of its parts;
  • to forbid or allow other parties to place the original work or any of its copies on the market, via selling or any other manner of property transfer;
  • to forbid or allow other parties to lease their original work or any of its copies;
  • to forbid or allow other parties to perform their work;
  • to forbid or allow other parties to present their work;
  • as well as other rights not provided in these Regulations, but that are stipulated by the Law on Copyright and Related Rights.

Objectively, copyright is a system of legal norms and principles that govern the rights the Law grants the author of an original work.


Copyright infringement represents the unauthorised execution of any action stipulated by the exclusive rights of the copyright holder, the failure to pay the reimbursement, as well as the failure to fulfill other obligations toward the copyright holder.

II Main provisions

1. Obligations and liabilities of students, parents, and teachers


Students, parents / guardians, and teachers shall adhere to the Regulations, as well as understand, accept and share the responsibilities for complying with the rules.


Students are obliged:

  • not to use or copy the homework assignments or written tests of others;
  • not to copy the papers (work) of others from written sources or the Internet;
  • not to photograph tests without authorisation or share them on social networks;
  • not to take out tests from the school premises without authorisation or distribute them to third parties;
  • to learn how to correctly cite references and sources (in compliance with the Harvard referencing style);
  • to adequately and correctly cite used references when completing homework assignments and other types of projects.


Parents / guardians are obliged:

  • to acquaint their child with basic ethical principles;
  • to encourage their child to comply with copyright regulations;
  • to support the School in nourishing a culture of anti-plagiarism and the application of disciplinary actions in cases of Regulation violations.
  • To support their child in completing their homework assignments without direct involvement in their completion.


Teachers are obliged:

  • to acquaint students with the Regulations;
  • to refer their students to the importance of complying with copyright regulations and plagiarism prevention;
  • to acquaint students with the correct method of listing references and sources;
  • to apply disciplinary measures stipulated in Article 8 of these Regulations in the event of plagiarism and/or copyright violations.

2. Consequences of regulation violation


Any violation of these Regulations will be penalised by altering the mark on the test or homework assignment to a fail (F) mark, without the possibility of a retake, in compliance with Article 16 of the Regulations on Student Learning Assessment.


Teachers will talk to the student who violated the regulations and acquaint them with the consequences.


Parents / guardians shall be informed about the violation by means of the Incident Report, in compliance with the Regulations on Student Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities.


Disciplinary action shall be imposed upon the student in compliance with the Regulations on Student Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities.

III Concluding remarks


These Regulations shall enter into force on the eighth day following their publishing on the noticeboard and the School’s website.

President of the School Board: ________________________________________

Biljana Tadic Kuleto

Savremena gimnazija

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