According to Article 41 and 57 paragraph 1 of The Law on the Foundations of the Education System (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, no. 72/2009, 52/2011, 55/2013, 35/2015 - authentic interpretation and 68/2015) and Article 54 of the Statute of Savremena International School, at the meeting held on 22nd June 2016, the School Board agreed to issue the following:


I General provisions

Article 1

These Regulations represent a common system of values and guidelines regarding the school uniform and dress code of students, parents/guardians, teachers and school staff. All participants in the school life shall promote the moral values and rapport in compliance with these Regulations.

Article 2

Teachers have a specified uniform. The uniform for female teachers consists of:1.

  • 1. grey trousers or skirt,
  • 2. white shirt,
  • 3. red jacket and
  • 4. red scarf.

The uniform for male teachers consists of:

  • 1. grey trousers,
  • 2. white shirt,
  • 3. red tie and
  • 4. blue jumper.

Article 3

Students have a specified uniform.

The uniform for students consists of:

- long- or short-sleeved polo shirt with the School’s logo, in the Year-appropriate colour:

  • in blue for students of Year 10
  • in green for students of Year 11
  • in red for students of Year 12
  • in yellow for students of Year 13T

The PE uniform for students shall be obtained from the School at the beginning of the school year and it consists of:

  • 1. white T-shirt with the School’s logo,
  • 2. grey tracksuit bottoms with the School’s logo (unisex),
  • 3. grey shorts with the School’s logo (male),
  • 4. grey leggings with the School’s logo (female),
  • 5. tracksuit top.

Article 4

Staff in charge of: security, hygiene maintenance and the school restaurant shall wear the uniform specified in accordance with the regulations of the company with which the School has signed a cooperation agreement.

II Dress code

Article 5

Students, teachers and other staff must maintain their personal hygiene as well as the neatness of their garments and shoes.

In case teachers and other staff have a tattoo on their body, the tattoo must be covered by the uniform.

Article 6

Parents/guardians shall be neatly and properly clad and their outfit must not in any way express their political, religious, or other personal affiliation.

Article 7

Inappropriate garments for students include:

  • 1. inappropriately short skirts,
  • 2. low-cut blouses showing cleavage and/or spaghetti straps,
  • 3. exceptionally short and/or see-through blouses,
  • 4. short trousers,
  • 5. flip-flops or slippers,
  • 6. ripped jeans,
  • 7. see-through or ripped clothes,
  • 8. high-heeled shoes or sandals,
  • 9. eye-catching jewellery,
  • 10. hats and/or headscarfs,
  • 11. fan gear.

Inappropriate garments for teachers include:

  • 1. inappropriately short skirts,
  • 2. low-cut blouses showing cleavage and/or spaghetti strap
  • 3. exceptionally short and/or see-through blouses,
  • 4. short trousers,
  • 5. flip-flops or slippers,
  • 6. ripped jeans,
  • 7. see-through or ripped clothes,
  • 8. eye-catching jewellery,
  • 9. hats and/or headscarfs,
  • 10. fan gear.

Students and teachers shall be considered inappropriately clad in case they wear any of the aforementioned garments within the school premises.

Article 8

Clothing is prefered to be of a length below the knee, cover the waist, have short or long sleeves, and a decent cut. Undergarments should not be visible.

All symbols that in any way pose offence to any ethnicity, race, or religion are forbidden.

It is forbidden to wear any personal garment that impedes the visual identity of the School.

Make-up should be discreet.

All students are required to manage their personal hygiene.

Article 9

During school hours , students and teachers must wear their school uniform.

During extra-curricular activities students shall wear their specified uniform.

During PE, students shall wear their specified PE uniform that the school provides at the beginning of the year.

During events (competitions or other public performances) where students and teachers represent the School, they shall wear their school uniform.

When it comes to excursions, study trips, cultural or other public events organised at the end of the school day, students are not obliged to wear their school uniform, unless agreed differently.

Article 10

If a student infringes these stipulated rules, they shall be excluded from school by their teacher in order to change their outfit. This absence along with the reason for it will be noted by the teacher as classified as an unauthorised absence by the Class Teacher.

III Infringement of the regulations

Article 11

In case of infringement of the aforementioned regulations, individuals will be cautioned verbally and then issued a written warning.

In case of repeated infringement, parents/guardians shall be informed and invited for a meeting at the school.

In case of habitual infringement, students shall be directed to the school’s counselors and appropriate disciplinary actions will be applied for an infringement to the School’s policy in compliance with the Regulations on Employee, Student and Parent Conduct.

IV Concluding remarks

Article 12

These Regulations shall enter into force on the eighth day following their publishing on the School’s noticeboard and website.

President of the School Board: _____________________________

Biljana Tadic Kuleto

Savremena gimnazija

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