Anastasija Macut: Savremena Gimnazija’s Young Poet

Anastasija Macut, a first-year student at Savremena Gimnazija, continues to impress with her talent and dedication to literature. Since the fourth grade of primary school, she has been writing poetry, and her talent has undoubtedly shone brightly. Now, not only have her works been recognized, but they have also been awarded in several significant competitions.

Recognized and Awarded Poetry

Her poems have found their place in collections of literary works by young people in Serbia and the diaspora, such as the Collection of the Cultural Publishing Center "Serbian House" in Požarevac, as well as the Collection of the Poetry Festival of Belgrade Primary Schools "Little Victor." Her dedication and the quality of her work are evidently recognized within the broader literary community.

Recently, Anastasija shared her latest poem, which will surely further delight all who follow her work. Her passion for writing poetry is evident in every line, and her works carry deep emotional and intellectual layers.

U dubokoj tišini

U dubokoj tišini,
tuga kao oluja jeca,
srce k'o ranjena ptica,
izgubljena u večeri
beznadežno leti.
Svetlost dana bledi,
dok suze tihe kaplju,
u mračnim očima,
bol duboko zaranja i odaje.

izgubljenim u daljini beskrajnoj,
tražeći odgovore u noći,
u svakoj zvezdi što sja.
Ali tišina odjekuje,
samoća kao večna pratilja,
dok srce u tišini plače,
bez glasa,
bez osećaja.

Ali u tami
postoji snaga,
kao svetionik u daljini,
nada se rađa iz pepela,
iako se čini nevidljivom.
Zvuk srca što kuca,
podseća na život koji pulsira,
lako slomljeno,
još uvek ima snage,
još uvek ima vatre.

Tako pustimo suze
neka padaju,
neka oplakuju sve što je prošlo,
ali u svakom padu,
neka se rađa nova svetlost,
nova nada.
Jer iako tuga može biti teška,
i bol duboka kao okean,
u srcu svakog ljudskog bića,
živi snaga za novi početak,
za novu emociju.

 You can listen to the audio version of the poem below :

Power of Words and Hope for the Future

What is particularly encouraging is that Anastasija is not only talented, but also exceptionally hardworking. Her effort to gather material for her first collection of poems demonstrates her dedication to art and her desire to translate her talent into something enduring. We wish her much luck and success in this endeavor. We are confident that her collection of poems will be warmly welcomed and esteemed in the literary community. Anastasija Macut is definitely a promising name in the world of literature, and her future looks bright and full of potential.

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